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Certified Professional Resume Writer                                             Amanda Andrews, CPRW 

Resume Writing Process Questions

What happens after I order?


1) Upload Your Current Resume: You can also email me an existing resume, if that's easier! If you don’t have a resume or career history document, just skip this step. 


2) Intro Email: I will contact you right away during normal businses hours to confirm your order. I'll let you know of any additional information that is needed and schedule the phone consultation for that Friday.


3) Let's Discuss During the Friday Phone Consultation: We will discuss your career goals and unique brand in order to make your resume stand out above the rest on Friday. I'll gain more information about your job experience and unique offerings, then I'll work my magic.


4) Receive your Resume on the next Friday: Your new resume will be ready in just one week or even faster by selecting the option for Priority Next Day Rush Delivery. After reviewing your new resume, cover letter, and any other documents, you can let me know of any questions. If you have any revisions, we can complete them at this time.

Sample Timeline for Resume Order


Wednesday: You place your order online that evening


Thursday: I email you early Thursday morning with more information and we schedule a time for the phone consultation on the next day


Friday: We have the phone consultation to discuss your career goals, job history, and unique offering


<one week for the magic to work on your resume>


Friday of the next week: You receive the resume in MS Word and PDF


Monday: Any requested revisions are completed



SampleTimeline for "Priority Next Day Rush Delivery" 


Wednesday: You place your order online that morning


Wednesday: I email you with more information and we schedule a time for the phone consultation the SAME business day


Wednesday: We have the phone consultation to discuss your career goals, job history, and unique offering


<one day for the magic to work on your resume>


Thursday: You receive the resume in MS Word and PDF


Thursday: Any requested revisions are completed


What day is the phone consultation?


To ensure I help as many of my clients as possible (including you!), I hold all phone consultations on Fridays. (Priority Next Day Delivery Rush orders will be same day phone consultations)


I need a career change. Can you help?


Absolutely. There are several options for career change resumes including functional resumes, hybrid resumes, and targeted resumes which all utilize formats that highlight your overall skill set and offering. I will evaluate your situation and let you know which option will work best for you.


Will I be able to edit the resume msyelf after I receive it?


Yes. It will come in Microsoft Word format (as well as PDF). You will be able to easily edit the .docx document using Microsoft Word.



Will my resume work with applicant tracking systems (ATS)?


Yes! Keywords, fonts, spacing, formats, and size are all considered when writing the resume to ensure optimal success with the systems.



What if my current position isn’t listed on my existing resume?


Just let me know, and I’ll be glad to add any jobs to your new resume.



What if I don’t have a resume?


No problem, I can create a resume from scratch! All I need is a list of your previous positions (usually 10-15 years), including: company name, city, job title, and dates. I will take care of the rest.



Do you offer LinkedIn profile writing?


Yes! I can create an outstanding LinkedIn profile for you alongside your resume or at a later date. The profile is created specifically for LinkedIn with all required sections, headers, character limits, and spacing taken into account. The profile can be uploaded online for you or delivered in MS Word. More information can be found here: LinkedIn Profile Writing

Please contact me with any questions!


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Amanda Andrews, CPRW 

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